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Pain Relief Center Los Angeles

Why do we have pain? A person’s life is never without pain. At some point, illnesses, injuries, or infections result to physical discomfort of varying manifestations, intensity, and severity. Pain, however, is not merely the sensation. Pain is the body’s unique mechanism of making an individual aware that something in the body is not working […]

Effective Treatment for Migraine Headache

What is migraine headache? Migraine headache is a type of potentially severe discomfort in the head with typical symptoms occurring on one side of the head. Migraine headaches include several distinct symptoms such as hypersensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, and precluding signs known as aura (e.g. occurrence of blind spots or sudden light […]

Lower Back Pain

What is lower back pain? Lower back pain is a general term for discomfort occurring in the lower pelvic region which may involve any of the organs or tissue located in the region. This includes bones from the spinal column, pelvic internal organs, back muscles, and surrounding nerves, and even the spine. Lower back pain […]

Recurrent Back Pain

What is recurrent back pain? Back pain is the discomfort experienced by patients in any of the regions of the back (lower, middle, upper) which may be acute or chronic. Depending on the cause, the pain may also affect the limbs, and may manifest additional symptoms such as paresthesia, and weakness in the extremities.  Recurrent […]

Auto Accident Injury Doctor

What are auto accident injury doctors? With the growing numbers of automobiles now being used by people over the world come a similarly growing number of vehicular accidents. These usually involve collisions of one vehicle to a multiple of other participants such as other cars, road structures, trees, animals, or people, potentially resulting to damage […]

Sciatica Los Angeles

What is the Sciatic nerve? Humans are able to feel and move the different parts of the body partly through the function of the nerve network that links the brain and spinal cord to the most extreme ends of the limbs. The sciatic nerve is a member of that neural network responsible for bringing sensation, […]

Auto Accident Injury Doctor

What are auto accidents? Cars have quickly become the primary means of transportation for a lot of people. But with so much traffic, accidents also become commonplace. Auto accidents are defined as unintentional collisions involving automobiles, either with another automobile, with stationary objects such as light posts, or with pedestrians or animals. The force of […]

Headache Los Angeles

What are headaches? Headaches are broadly defined as any unpleasant sensation occurring in the head region. As with most pain cases, headaches manifest differently among patients, with some experiencing mild discomfort while others are barely able to get up from severe headache. The pain may be confined to a single spot or region, but it […]

Pain Management Therapy

What is pain? Pain is a very familiar sensation for most people. It is typically defined by dictionaries as some physical ill feeling related to tissue injury or bodily dysfunction. Pain is in fact, more than the discomfort. It is the mechanism by which the brain keeps the body from harm, by making an individual […]