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Pain Management Center Los Angeles

What is pain management? Pain is defined as a symptomatic discomfort arising from an occurrence of tissue or nerve damage, inflammation, or irritation in the body. When it manifests, especially if chronic in nature, could prevent a person from carrying out daily functions. In such cases, patients could approach pain management centers for pain care, […]

Piriformis Block for Sciatic Pain

What is the Sciatic Nerve? The sciatic nerve is the most massive single nerve in the body that bridges the spine and the lower extremities. It is fed by a total of five nerves originating from the spinal cord, transcending the length of the lower spine to the buttocks, branching out, and continuing to the […]

Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Haven’t your patience exhausted of going through those futile treatments for your leg pain? Statistics suggest that tens of millions of Americans are suffering from multiple pains. That is partly because, traditional treatments have failed to relieve many of those conditions. When conventional treatments are just partly effective or ineffectual for chronic pain, then interventional […]

Upper Back Pain

Are you weighed down by your disabling upper back pain? It is estimated that 90% of US citizens have endured some sort of back pain during their lifetime. Every year, billions of dollars are lost due to difficulties nearly half the adults have with such an interfering pain while doing their jobs. Maybe you are […]

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

Are you feeling feeble fighting your low back pain? Maybe looks unbelievable, but statistics suggests that nearly 632 million people suffer from lower back pain at any given point in time. Figures also show that 80% of the U.S. citizens have experienced this physical disorder during their lifetime. Among the various types of back pains, […]