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Physical Therapy Los Angeles

What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is a non-invasive form of medical care that seeks to treat medical conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries through mechanical and physical manipulations. Depending on the nature of an illness, injury, or disability, treatments may take the form of massage, soft stretches, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermal therapy, and many more. Whatever […]

Natural Pain Management

What is pain management? At some point in life, most people would experience pain, either due to illness, injury, or their body’s wear and tear, which may prevent them from having a life. Pain management is a form of healthcare which specifically helps patients get through this stage. Bringing together several disciplines such as physical […]

Back Specialist Los Angeles

What’s in the back? The back, also known as the dorsal region, is one of the most remarkable regions of the body. It is the area opposite the chest, and is bound by the shoulders and neck down to the buttocks. It contains a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, and nerves that allow humans to […]

Knee Pain Los Angeles

What is the knee? The knee is anatomically described as the section which joins the thigh to the lower leg. It is made up of the bones of the thigh (femur), the leg (tibia and fibula), and the patella. The structure is held together by tendons and ligaments, and protected from shock by surrounding cartilage […]

Headache Specialist Los Angeles

What are headaches? Headache, also known as cephalgia, is described as the condition where patients experience incessant pain in the head. Depending on the causes, the discomfort may be felt as pain in one or both sides of the head, confined to a specific spot or radiating across, and may even involve the back of […]

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles

What is pain relief? Pain is the body’s mechanism of letting the individual know that something is not well. It is often a symptom of an illness, an injury, an infection, and many other possible conditions, which makes it almost impossible not to know a person is indeed sick. It manifests as a discomfort involving […]

Migraine Specialist Los Angeles

What is migraine? Migraine is a neurological disease primarily identified by recurring bouts of moderate to severe pain in the head. Unlike normal headache, it is accompanied by a cocktail of other symptoms such as marked sensitivity to light and nausea. The intense, throbbing pain often affect only one side of the head, and could […]

Los Angeles Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is a form of specialized rehabilitative medicine drawing on several disciplines such as physics, biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy to redress physical injuries or illnesses. It involves the use of mechanical forces such as stretching exercises and massage to restore or improve a patient’s mobility and physical functional capacity. Usually […]

Pinched Nerve

What are nerves? Nerves are the communication facilitators of the body. They convey signals for movement and sensation across from the brain out into the extremities, and are hugely responsible for a coordinated response to stimulus. They allow the person to feel pain and ticklish sensations, see and hear, feel warm or cold, by using […]

Pain Management Los Angeles

What is pain? Pain, physiologically speaking, is the unpleasant feelinpain management in Los Angelesg brought about as a symptom by some illness, dysfunction of organs, or injuries. It can range from mild discomfort to severe, intolerable aches. Pain is classified into two, depending on its origin. Nociceptive pain is described as discomfort from tissue damage […]