Pain relief center Los Angeles

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles

What is pain relief?

Pain is the body’s mechanism of letting the individual know that something is not well. It is often a symptom of an illness, an injury, an infection, and many other possible conditions, which makes it almost impossible not to know a person is indeed sick. It manifests as a discomfort involving unpleasant sensations of varying severity and duration. In some cases, it may be able to keep a patient from living and performing well, and thus necessitates intervention. Pain relief is a healthcare discipline focused on helping patients manage their pain and cure their illnesses so they could continue to carry out their daily functions. It draws on several disciplines in science such as anesthesiology and neurology, as well as physical therapy, and possibly surgery. The strategy always involves a comprehensive diagnosis of the underlying causes of symptomatic pain, then pain relief, and treatment for the actual illness.

What is a pain relief center?

Pain relief centers like the ones found in Los Angeles, are clinics who put together a team of doctors from different medical disciplines in order to holistically care for patients who are in pain. Pain relief specialists may include neurologists, chiropractors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and professionals from other disciplines who have had training in pain reduction. Pain relief centers offer varied services from diagnostic imaging tests, to consultations, treatment options, surgeries, and rehabilitation programs. They may also offer psychological and counselling support for patients suffering from chronic pain.

What are the treatments employed by pain relief centers?

Pain is only an indication of illness or injury, so there is a lot more to treatment than just handing out medicine. Pain relief center specialists usually start diagnosis by studying the patients’ medical history, the manifestations of their pain. Patients will then be recommended to undergo physical, chemical, and imaging evaluations for a more in depth diagnosis. After which, pain relief center specialists may recommend remedies for the pain, as well as treatment strategies for the underlying symptoms. When in pain, especially in cases where it becomes impossible to bear, or has lingered for a while, consulting with your pain relief specialists as soon as you can will be best, so as to be able to get a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. Pain is a symptom, thus it is not nearly enough to just get medicine to lessen the pain, apart from the fact that most pain relief measures are temporary. It is also important that you also get treated for the illness or injury or risk worsening the problem.   Depending on the causes of pain, its severity, and other complications, different treatments may be employed by specialists in local pain relief centers. Some of them would be:

  • Oral pain relief medication – coming in the form of anti-inflammatory medicine, generic pain relievers, and other types, this mode of treatment is usually the first option for pain relief, being relatively easy to administer, non-invasive, and cheap.
  • Pain relief injectables – involves using the same classes of drugs as those taken orally, but are instead directly administered to affected areas via injection. This is especially helpful in cases such as inflamed nerves, where steroids are used to soothe nerve irritation.
  • Nerve stimulation – takes advantage of the nerves’ inherent response to electrical currents to interfere with normal signal transduction by generating artificial currents, ultimately numbing pain
  • Physical therapy – another form of non-invasive treatment employed by pain relief centers that uses mechanical force such as massage and certain stretches to help rehabilitate strained tissue
  • Surgery – intervention that involves surgical procedures to relieve pain, by either removing pain sensors and nerves, repairing torn tissue, or removing tissue that is beyond surgery. This type of treatment is irreversible and very invasive, so is only considered as a last resort.

Where’s a good pain relief center in Los Angeles?

Are you in pain and wanting to seek help from a pain relief center in Los Angeles? Dr. Kevin Li, MD, a double-certified specialist in pain care and anesthesiology might just be who you need. With his years of experience in caring for patients, excellent training, and holistic treatment perspective, he’ll be able to help you greatly in dealing with your pain comprehensively. His clinic offers a wide spectrum of the latest diagnostic and rehabilitative treatments that could easily be tailored to your specific needs. Call his clinic now at (626) 538 – 8950 and start getting back on your feet!

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