Los Angeles Physical Therapy

Los Angeles Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of specialized rehabilitative medicine drawing on several disciplines such as physics, biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy to redress physical injuries or illnesses. It involves the use of mechanical forces such as stretching exercises and massage to restore or improve a patient’s mobility and physical functional capacity. Usually facilitated by a trained physical therapist, the exercises provide relief to strained tissue, restore movement, as well as prevent future problems. Physical therapy, including that which could be had in Los Angeles, is a non-invasive alternative to surgical and interventional treatments for a diverse assortment of cases.

What are the types of physical therapy?

Several types of physical therapy can be prescribed for patients depending on the nature of the underlying causes, their physique, age, and many other factors. As the injuries frequently also involve pain, physical therapy plans may also be coupled with pain management medicine and other treatment strategies. It is important to note that physical therapy should not be self-administered without consulting with a specialist, as some forms of movement could further aggravate tissue injury. Additionally, some conditions require attention to other physiological aspects of the illness, which could easily be neglected by untrained opinion resulting to worse situations. Upon consultation with a doctor, patients may be asked to go through different types of physical therapy to comprehensively care for the injury or illness. Some deal with putting back dislocated tissue (as in joints), some more employ massage to decongest inflamed nodes, and others employ certain media (e.g. electricity, water, and ultrasound) to facilitate rehabilitation. Common forms of physical therapy are:

  • Manual therapy (e.g. massage, physical manipulation, and slow stretches)
  • Education (training for doing exercises at home and avoiding reinjury)
  • Specialized treatments (e.g. wound care, vestibular rehabilitation, cancer care)
  • Ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation
  • Hydotherapy

How do I know I need physical therapy?

Physical therapy may be able to help patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions, so you may opt to ask your physician about including it on your treatment scheme as necessary. Physical therapy in Los Angeles is used in the following cases:

  • Recovering from injury – physical therapy is used to help patients reduce pain in strained tissue such as muscles and tendons by relaxing them or putting them back to their proper positions, as well as prevent future injuries by building muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Dealing with persistent health conditions – as in cases of spinal arthritis and Parkinson’s disease, exercises could help retard the progress of joint and nerve degeneration by physically strengthening the body and continuously improve function.
  • Rehabilitation from disability caused by severe health conditions – suffering from a stroke, major heart and lunch problems, or spinal cord and brain injury may leave patients with significant disabilities. On such occasions, physical therapy is employed to deal with mobility issues such as the inability to move certain body parts or stand properly, as well as to train the body to safely use rehabilitative equipment like walkers.
  • Treatment for childhood health conditions – physical therapy can also help children who suffer from major impairment such as cerebral palsy by supplementing their developmental and growth needs, enabling them to build motor capacity and their ability to move as they like.

Where can I get physical therapy in Los Angeles?

Are you considering to get into rehabilitation therapy for your illness? Dr. Kevin Li, MD, a pain management specialists based in Los Angeles could help you. With his extensive experience in rehabilitative care from treating patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, he is well able to give you the best therapy you could get, from diagnosis to physical therapy prescription. Dr. Li believes in comprehensive, minimally invasive treatment designed to fit individual patients’ needs, and he, together with his team of physical therapists, could do the same for you. Call his clinic at (626) 538 – 8950 to set your appointment today, and conquer your pain!

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