Pain Relief Center Los Angeles

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles

Why do we have pain?

A person’s life is never without pain. At some point, illnesses, injuries, or infections result to physical discomfort of varying manifestations, intensity, and severity. Pain, however, is not merely the sensation. Pain is the body’s unique mechanism of making an individual aware that something in the body is not working properly, or is needing rest and repair. The discomfort, whichever form it takes, generally solicits extra care (e.g. so as to avoid further injury), rest, and treatment which ultimately result to tissue rehabilitation.

How does pain work?

Pain is primarily a symptom. Any injured or inflamed tissue typically release distress signals which are recognized by pain receptors in nerve endings. Upon reaching a certain threshold, these nerves generate electrical signals transmitted centrally through the spinal cord and up to the brain. These signals are then interpreted by the brain and registers as the ill sensation patients feel. While pain may be inhibited with the use of pain relievers and anesthetics, it is important to note that the absence of pain may not always indicate the disappearance of the medical condition or complete recovery. A patient who is experiencing pain would always do well to pay attention to its underlying cause, so as to rule out possible life-threatening illnesses.

What are pain relief centers?

While pain may be defined with relative ease, its effects and manifestations aren’t so plain. On many occasions, pain, especially when severe and chronic, could keep individuals from functioning sufficiently. Pain relief centers are medical facilities where patients in pain can seek help for managing the pain. Pain relief centers employ a team of medical practitioners from many disciplines (e.g. surgery, neurology, rehabilitation medicine), who together provide patients with comprehensive pain care from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Pain relief centers also house a variety of imaging and diagnostic medical equipment, which are integral for comprehensive patient evaluation.

How can a pain relief center help me?

Pain relief centers specialize in pain care. They offer an array of many different treatments to match equally complex pain needs. A person experiencing disruptive pain may thus be referred to pain relief centers whether as support for other treatments, or as primary care. Some of the services offered by pain relief centers are the following:

  • Diagnostics – consultation with a pain specialist, as well as possible diagnostic procedures (e.g. fluoroscopic imaging)
  • Prescriptions – prescriptions for pain relief medication (e.g. pain relievers and opioids) which suite you best
  • Interventional treatments – procedures (e.g. nerve blocks) which aim to minimize pain for patients with more chronic cases who don’t respond to less invasive methods
  • Surgery – procedures, such as removal of inflamed tissue, may also be done by your pain specialist
  • Rehabilitative therapy – treatments of the likes of physical therapy, which help patients get back on track and regain function of affected limbs and body parts
  • Psychological support – psychological mentoring and counselling for emotional and mental upkeep while undergoing pain care even with chronic cases

Where can I find a good pain relief center in Los Angeles?

Pain relief need not wait. Dr. Kevin Li, MD, from the Advance Spine Care & Pain Management Center in Los Angeles, can help you. Dr. Li’s extensive experience from over a decade of pain care practice, as well as his multiple trainings and certification, could provide you with the best and most effective pain care. His comprehensive, specialized approach also guarantees your entire well-being is cared for. Get in touch with his clinic at (626) 538 – 8950 today for your appointment, and find real relief from that pain!

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