Spine Center for Chronic Pain Treatment

Spine Center for Chronic Pain Treatment

What is the spine?

The spine is perhaps one of the most remarkable set of bones in the body. Alternately called the backbone, the spine is externally characterized by prominent grooves in the middle axis of the back humans. Anatomically, the spine is in fact a column of 33 distinct bones running along the dorsal length of the region just below the head to the lower pelvis, terminating at the tailbone. It is held in alignment by strong ligaments and muscles, and is divided into five sections, namely, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccyx segments. The structure of the spine maximizes its capacity to support three main functions – protection, structural support, and flexibility support. The spine’s most important function is that it protects the spinal cord, and several nerve roots from trauma. The spinal column is also responsible for straightening the torso area for balance and posture, as well as support for flexible motion such as bending down or nodding.

How is the spine involved in pain?

The spine supports many structures, all of which are prone to trauma, injury, irritation, or infection. This includes several major nerves that innervate the lower limbs, as well as the spinal cord. As such, pain felt in the back, around the buttocks, or up at the neck, may potentially involve the spine. Conditions causing spine-related pain range from column misalignment (e.g. scoliosis), to damaged spinal joints or support structures (e.g. herniated discs), and to spinal cord trauma or meningitis. Sustained discomfort in the back area may have to be brought to the attention of local spine centers, so that appropriate diagnosis can be made, and treatments administered to patients.

What are spine centers?

Spine centers are healthcare facilities specializing in spine-related conditions. Employing a wide spectrum of medical practitioners such as chiropractors, neurologists, surgeons, and orthopedics, spine centers provide centralized support for rehabilitation, treatment, and pain relief of conditions involving the spine, and its surrounding structures.

How can spine centers for chronic pain treatment help?

Patients typically seek out spine centers for chronic pain treatment. The reason for this is that spine centers employ different treatment modalities that help patients cope with chronic pain from their spine-related illnesses in conjunction with restorative care. Due to the functions of the spine, and the nature of its structure, patients suffering from spinal problems, especially chronic ones, often have to deal with pain that also limits their abilities to move, stand, or do work. In this way, intervention from spine centers for chronic pain treatment could help patients regain functional independence. In some cases, spine centers for chronic pain treatment help facilitate patients through physical rehabilitative therapy which would otherwise be impossible with the pain. As with other health problems, spine centers do chronic pain treatment firstly by employing diagnostic procedures (e.g. spinal imaging) to determine the exact location of the inflammation, or injury, as there are many possibilities with all the structures surrounding the spine. As the problem is diagnosed, several procedures may be recommended by spine centers for chronic pain treatment, including:

  • Epidural injections
  • Pain medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Spinal surgeries
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Neck or back bracing

Where can I find a spine center for chronic pain treatment in Los Angeles?

No matter the cause, spine-related diseases, and chronic pain could be a huge burden. However, no patient needs to carry all of it perpetually. Dr. Kevin Li, MD, from Advance Spine Care Pain Management Center in Los Angeles, would like to help you. Whether you have sustained spine-related injury or have agonizing pain, Dr. Li and his team at the Spine Center could provide you with accurate, comprehensive diagnosis, and individualized care that’s sure to get you up and running in no time. Dr. Li employs not only the latest medical technology, but also more than a decade’s worth of spinal pain care experience and specialized trainings, for only the best care for you. Don’t let your back keep you back any longer. Call his clinic at (626) 538 – 8950 today!

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