Auto Accident Injury Doctor

Auto Accident Injury Doctor

What are auto accident injury doctors?

With the growing numbers of automobiles now being used by people over the world come a similarly growing number of vehicular accidents. These usually involve collisions of one vehicle to a multiple of other participants such as other cars, road structures, trees, animals, or people, potentially resulting to damage to property, varying degrees of injuries, and even a loss of life. Auto accident injury doctors are physicians who specialize in treating patients who have sustained injuries from auto accidents. Generally, all injuries from auto accidents such as broken bones and punctured internal organs can be treated by all doctors, auto accident injury doctor or not. Due to the med-legal dealings accompanying treatment, however, most patients are referred to auto accident injury doctors for comprehensive care. Auto accident injury doctors come from many medical disciplines including anesthesiology, sugery, orthopaedics, internal medicine, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

What do auto accident injury doctors treat?

Auto accident injuries differ in nature, location, and severity among different cases, depending on the amount of trauma sustained. Injuries range from mild concussions to severely damaged limbs and spinal injuries. A few of the common injuries treated by auto accident injury doctors include:

  • Facial injuries  – damage to facial tissue and organs such as the eyes, facial muscles, and the jaw due to fast-flying debris lodging into the face
  • head injuries – possibly life-threatening brain injury and concussions resulting from direct impact sustained by the head
  • spine and neck injuries – impairment to the neck or the spinal cord as in the case of disc injuries and whiplash from neck or back trauma
  • internal organ injuries – damage to visceral organs typically caused by debris such as broken bones, or pieces of broken objects puncturing soft tissue
  • limb injuries – compression damage to bone and muscle which may necessitate amputations of one or two of the limbs
  • psychological injuries – psychological trauma from surviving the accident or losing loved ones

What are the services offered by auto accident injury doctors?

Auto accident injury doctors provide comprehensive care for patients from emergency care to rehabilitation.  Auto accident injury doctors facilitate a patient’s holistic physical and legal recovery from the accident. Regardless of the severity of your case, an auto accident injury doctor will be able to help you. If you have survived and auto accident, some of the injuries may not manifest immediately. Thus, seeking the care of an auto accident injury doctor for thorough evaluation would always prove beneficial. Specifically, some of the services offered by auto accident injury doctors would include the following:

  • Emergency care – while some treatments are initially carried out by emergency healthcare providers, more serious treatments like brain surgery are handled by auto accident injury doctors. They care for patient’s immediate accident-related needs.
  • Rehabilitative care – auto accident injuries tend to leave behind disabilities such as partial or complete paralysis even after the immediate dangers are taken care of. Auto accident injury doctors also help patients through rehabilitation in order for them to regain functional capacity, as in cases of rehabilitating damaged limbs or paralyzed body sections due to spinal injury
  • Med-legal care – auto accident injury doctors are specially trained and certified to evaluate patients’ conditions and provide legally recognized assessment of damage and injury necessary for settling insurance claims or in some cases, lawsuits.

Where can I find a good auto accident injury doctor in Los Angeles?

Have you found your life halted by an auto accident? Do you need auto accident injury care? Dr. Kevin Li, MD, a certified Independent Medical Examiner and auto accident injury doctor, may be able to help you. With so many years of auto accident injury care experience, multiple certifications, and a patient-centered treatment approach, Dr. Li can surely provide excellent care that suits your needs. Call his Los Angeles clinic at (626) 538 – 8950 for your appointment today, and see your life get back on track!

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